Short Message Gateway (SM-GW) for GSM-Railway

The GSM-R SM-Gateway is needed to integrate ISDN based wire-line devices into the Short Message Service via a high volume RAS/PPP server. It also provides a GSM-R tailored SMPP version. It is not comparable with gateways for commercial networks as there are different requirements for railways concerning the interface and higher requirements in relation to the supported services and the reliability.

Besides the IN based Functional Addressing support, the gateway supports items like the (nighlty) concentration for dispatchers, the parallel access of a high number of wire-line devices and a flexible integration with several SM-SCs / SM-SC configurations. It can also be used to interconnect several GSM-R networks to enable a seamless SMS service in GSM-R over network boundaries. The product is available as a standalone node and as a fully integrated part of the GSM-R SM-SC.