GSM-R USSD Gateway

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is a text based service in a mobile network specified in the GSM-MAP protocol on top of SS7. It allows to exchange information between entities that are addressable via Global Title in real-time. It's main purpose is the communication between mobile devices and service providers.

Opposite to Short Messages, USSD is a session based protocol between two nodes without a store and forward message broker (the Short Message Service Center) in the middle.

The USSD Gateway enables wire-line devices, that are not inside the MAP/SS7 cloud, to use the service. It builds the bridge between the IP world (devices connected via SMPP with the gateway), and mobile devices and network elements, that talk GSM-MAP.

Like the other WINGcon Text Messaging Applications, the USSD Gateway can deal with Functional Numbers. In GSM-R systems it can be used to register and de-register Functional Addresses for wire-line devices. This is especially beneficial in networks using a mix of both, mobile and wire-line devices for dispatchers.