Proxy for functional addresses (FA-Proxy)

The FA-Proxy acts as a local proxy to the IN based Follow Me function node (FFN) service of a GSM-R network. It stores the mapping between Functional Numbers (FNs) and directory numbers in a local database. It also interfaces with the Railway Service Manager to cover non IN FNs as well. There are several mechanism for the FA-Proxy to synchronize it's database with the IN and RSM masters. Local provisioning of the database is possible as well.

The FA-Proxy database can be queried via a web service to get the Directory Numbers for FNs and vice versa. It can also be used by the SMSC application to resolve functional number in short messages speeding up the transfer. Queries can made in a way to force a synchronize query to the respective master database.

Web user authentication is either via user-name and password or via certificate. The service is laid out for a high number of parallel requests.