Cell Broadcast Center (CBC)

WINGcon Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) is fully integrated into the WINGcon messaging platform. It is specially designed to serve the GSM-R operations and allows railway companies to deliver useful information to mobile devices based in a specific geographical area by sending Cell Broadcast messages (SMS-CB). Cell Broadcast messages can also be targeted to a set of subscribers who have specifically subscribed to receive such broadcast messages on pre-defined channels.

Cell broadcast technology can be especially useful GSM-R networks to provide services such as warning messages, and emergency alerts to multiple subscribers simultaneously. Cell Broadcast messages can be sent on different channels and cover broadcast areas of various size. The broadcast range varies from small areas like a single radio cell to clusters of cells or even the whole network coverage area. Due to the integration in the messaging platform it is even possible to use the internal routing to copy and send CB messages as a wire-line SMS to wire-line devices in an area as well. The CBC can also connect to external SM-SCs via an available SMPP Client interface.

At the CBC side the message control data, such as the specified area, the transmission period and the transmission repetition frequency can be modified. The CBC receives the messages from the operation control via SMPP V5.0, or via the integrated web-based operator interface, and forwards them towards the applicable base station controllers (BSC) within the GSM-R mobile network. The default interface between the CBC and the BSC is the 3GPP IP interface defined in TS 03.41. Alternatively the WINGcon CBC can also use proprietary OMC-R based interfaces for this purpose.