Work Environment

WINGcon offers its employees a friendly, well organized work environment with excellent working conditions. Every employee has his/her own working space and all the latest necessary technical means at his/her disposal. In addition WINGcon offers continual training, both theoretical and on the job, to its employees in order for them to be able to keep up with the latest technical advances, new market trends and modern working methods and to be able to develop their career to the highest possible level.

We treat each employee individually, paying special attention to his/her specific needs and career ambitions. We give all of them the freedom and support not only to be creative and productive, but also to feel comfortable inside the company and enjoy working. WINGcon's employees have the feeling of being a unique and important member of our family, and are always treated that way.

The work environment at WINGcon is of course in full accordance with the German labor laws and every employee benefits from its safety standards and its health, social as well as economical benefits. WINGcon is certified and operates according to the latest ISO standards. Our modern brand new office building in Langenargen is equipped with state of the art infrastructure, useful facilities and offers the employees a spacious and pleasant work environment.