Company Philosophy

We are an enterprising company, dedicated to the development of high quality, innovative telecommunications systems. Our products are fully compliant with European and international telecommunications standards (ETSI, ITU, IEEE). These are standards to which we contribute as well.

Our team consists of senior experts and young ICT professionals. Our employees' high qualification and motivation is the basis for our products' high value to our customers. The team is supported by clear quality processes, meeting the latest ISO standards, spanning all project phases.

At WINGcon we design our products to be user friendly, secure and complete - no exceptions! We are able to achieve this by fundamentally designing our solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer. Our experienced R&D team uses an extensive multi-layer testing process to develop solutions which succesfully face the challenges of the highly demanding telecommunications market.

And we don't stop halfway. Part of our goal is to offer customized end-to-end solutions at fair conditions. This includes individual training as well as customer-specific and market-specific customizations of our products. We also provide product integration and product support that meet the needs of our customers.

In addition, effective and goal-oriented consultancy is offered independently of our products. Here, our strengths lie in the areas of GSM-Railway, Network Security, Convergence and Interconnection, as well as European and national regulatory requirements. We consider ourselves bridge builders, helping to consolidate requirements from various sources in complex systems.

Our customers' needs is our primary focus. Therefore, we do not accept any compromises when it comes to quality. Not only are we absolutely committed to deliver highest quality, we are also committed to doing so in a cost-efficient way. This enables us to offer our products and services at fair prices. This is possible because we are not afraid of implementing innovative solutions and because our development is completely based on open standards. This is how we achieve an outstanding cost-value ratio and, in parallel, future-proof high quality products.

We want our excellent services to reach vast customers around the world. Therefore, we work hard to develop a network of partnerships world-wide which is continually expanding.

A fundamental part of our philosophy is to build relationships with our customers based on trust and to be available whenever they need us. For that reason, we consider ourselves as partners in our customers' teams, we  see customer needs and new market demands as our own challenges. Our enthusiasm and passion for cutting-edge telecommunications is our motivation to succeed in every new challenge.

This is why we do not compromise when it comes to the quality of our products and services and why our consulting is competent, fair, and goal-oriented.